Welcome to Spielplatz

The Naked Village

Spielplatz is the perfect retreat for a weekend, week-long breaks, or even a lunchtime visit or relaxing hour after a hot day at work.

Enjoying Spielplatz:

  • Membership
  • Camping
  • Caravanning
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Sports facilities
  • Licensed bar
  • …and much more!

There’s something for all the family in this peaceful woodland paradise, from sun-drenched lawns to cool shady corners. With a heated swimming pool, sport and recreational facilities, clubhouse and licensed bar, Spielplatz combines the best of nature with modern facilities.
Visit Spielplatz for a peaceful, relaxing day out. The day visit fee is £15 per person. On your first visit we will require you to fill in a short form and show us proof of I.D, a photocard driving licence or passport. Our staff will answer any questions you may have, and then you’ll be free to explore and enjoy our facilities. Our staff will also be pleased to show you around the grounds and introduce you to the members.

We are family-orientated, so if you have any flashy or excessive piercings, especially in the genital areas, please remove them before you visit. We do not allow photography, so cameras of any kind should be left at home or locked safely in your car.
Sorry but we do not allow dogs.(Except guide dogs and assistance dogs.)

Once you experience Spielplatz’s unique atmosphere, we’re sure you’ll want to become a full member.


Spielplatz from the air


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